Seedling Paper-Go-Round's Seeded Paper

read it... plant it... watch it grow

Seed embedded paper containing seeds of Australian native trees and shrubs
It’s ideal for promotions, fliers, invitations, Christmas cards.

A great way to grow your business and help the environment at the same time.
Growth is our business and we want to make it yours too!
Get growth like you’ve never sown before!

Our paper is environmentally friendly and 100% recycled (apart from the seeds!)
We typically use seeds of Australian natives such as Bottlebrush,

Tea Tree or Paper Bark.
An excellent way to show you care. Get your environmental message across on seeded paper and ensure it gets read.

Quality seeded paper

Quality seeded paper printed with the message you want people to see.

Seedling About Paper-Go-Round

We have been making handmade recycled paper since the mid 1980’s. The traditional techniques of the ancient craft have been revitalised to provide unique papers for the modern world. Our current emphasis is on producing high quality handmade recycled paper embedded with seeds. It provides an excellent opportunity for companies to communicate the growing awareness about climate change to the Australian community.

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Paper-Go-Round – manufacturers of seeded paper (also known as seed embedded paper, seed paper, plantable paper, handmade paper) - ideal for promotions, wedding invitations & Christmas cards; and paper making sets (also known as paper making kits, moulds and deckles...note that moulds and decals is a misspelling).

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