All our plantable and seeded paper can be printed. We also make paper that does not contain seeds and this, too, can be printed. Even our paper with a deckle edge can be printed.

Inkjet printing gives good print results and is the easiest way to print your invitations or any other items where you don't need very many. It is the best method for herb and vegetable seeded paper and for any paper with a deckle edge.

We can also supply you with the finished, printed items. We will print using the best and most appropriate method according to the seeds in your chosen paper and the quantity you need etc. All our printing is done with vegetable based or water based inks.

Toner-based digital printing can work well on our seeded papers (and Fuji Xerox printed it for some exclusive executive invitations). However, the paper surface has slight indentations and the toner may not adequately get to the bottom of these indentations, being especially obvious on solid areas of image.

Some of our seeded paper can be printed offset because the seeds are very small and contained within the thickness of the sheet of paper. However, herb and vegetable seeded paper is not suitable for offset printing as the seeds would get crushed during printing.

Letterpress gives great results with the stylish debossed look and feel. There are always plenty of seeds in the paper so many are not in the image area (and so do not get damaged).