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Why We Started

Paper-Go-Round started in the mid 1980’s – our aim was to change the world. Whilst we recognise there is still a fair way to go on that front, our other aims are still strong motivators in the business today… to encourage and participate in paper recycling and to supply products that can be used for powerful environmental messages.

Our original desire to ‘do it’ not just ‘talk about it’ resulted in a business focused on the whole circle of paper recycling…  collecting waste paper, making paper, supplying paper making kits and teaching the skills of paper making. Modern commercial paper making is done on multi-million dollar machines – which we don’t have, so all our paper making is done by hand.

Then and Now

The original holistic paper recycling vision for the business still applies, with the only difference being that we no longer teach paper making. However, these school and adult classes did give us confidence that we were making robust and easy-to-use paper making kits that could withstand years of vigorous use. We make them to the same standard today.

Our early paper making was oriented to invitation stationery, primarily for weddings. By the late 1990’s, we started to make paper which was embedded with seeds of Australian native trees and plants. The demand for this paper soon dominated and is now the focus of our expertise, with a wide range of other seeds now added (such as herb and vegeteble seeds).

Seeded Paper

When we first introduced our seeded paper to Australia, it was primarily used for environmental messaging. Whilst that remains a significant use, its relevance has expanded far wider. There are now many and varied angles where our seeded paper provides corporate Australia with an innovative tool to ensure a message is read. Recruitment or career growth, investment growth, business growth, cook book launch (veggie seeds)… so there is barely a business or corporation in Australia where our seeded paper would not have some relevance at some time… relevance to provide a stand-out message to be distinctive from the crowd.

Over the years, we have made seeded paper for a multitude of individuals and organisations… from Government Departments and Councils to multi-nationals and NGO’s; for events with Prime Ministers to the Olympic Games (each of the Gold Medallists at the Sydney Olympics was given some of our seeded paper). It is widely used for green weddings and is a popular choice for print at home invitations.

Whilst we still use many traditional techniques of the ancient craft of making paper by hand, we have revitalised them to provide unique papers for the modern world. Our years of experience and expertise have enabled us to hone the techniques and introduce new ways of doing things. This has given us a finely tuned process of production and drying with controls and innovations at every step, ensuring paper is produced with seeds that are carefully nurtured right up until the paper is despatched from our warehouse.