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Paper Making Set - A5
Paper Making Set - A5 Paper Making Set - A5 Paper Making Set - A5
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Sturdy Paper Making Set to make A5 (148x210mm) size paper by hand. Full instruction booklet included.

Each set includes this easy-to-follow instruction booklet for the basic techniques which are simple and easy to learn. There are also many creative ideas to inspire your paper making and imagination to give you hours (years?!) of joy and entertainment.

All are made as environmentally positive products of high quality, long term durability and ease of use.
• Easy to Use – Used by both adults and children in our paper making workshops over many years.
• Plantation Timber – All wood used is grown in plantations. No native forests were destroyed to make these products.
• Sealed Timber – (using a natural tung oil) Gives added water resistance and a longer life to your paper making set.
• No Sagging – We use strong stainless steel mesh which neither sags nor rusts.

At Paper-Go-Round, we make our paper making sets (in Sydney) to our own exacting standards and we have been making them for over 25 years. We originally, tried various construction methods so that we could give you the best – so that we could be confident that the kits are both effective and durable. We also used them whilst teaching paper making to adults and in schools – so we are confident that we have a paper making set that is easy to use for all ages and is long lasting. Ideal for ages 8 to 80.

They are durable, quality products for the serious enthusiast and also easy to use for the casual paper maker or younger person.

Making paper by hand is a wonderful creative craft and great fun for all ages. It is also an engaging way to teach children about recycling and the environment. For many centuries, paper making was done by hand. Then the machine took over… but hand making paper is still around and very popular. It means you can create your own unique paper for invitations, artworks, letter-writing, school projects, or just fun!

Increased concern about the environment and home recycling have revitalised the ancient craft of paper making. The basic simplicity of paper making and the renewed interest in handicrafts have also contributed to its popularity amongst all ages. Now you have the chance to make your own recycled paper. It is a great way to recycle your household waste paper.

Using our paper making sets, you can create paper which has leaves or petals in it, different coloured paper, sheets that are a colour on one side and a different colour on the other side… or even a different colour on each end on the same side! The amount of variations are enormous and fun!



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