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Our superb range of seeded paper is made in Australia with seeds embedded in the paper so that the paper can be planted to grow the seeds. This paper is also known by many other names… seed paper, plantable paper, plantable seed paper or even seed embedded paper… but all these names refer to our wonderfully creative seeded paper that you can plant and enjoy.

And, of course, it is all 100% recycled and made in Australia. We give you many seeds to choose from… various Australian natives, herbs or vegetables. You can use this category to find all the products we have for a particular seed - an easy way for you to select your favourite seed in the whole range of stationery you want!

All our seeded paper is suitable for printing - normally with an inkjet printer. Most of our seeded paper has normal cut edges… but we also have some with a stylish deckle edge.

Read It- Plant It - Watch It Grow....

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